Laydown Bronzing Beds

SunDash Competition 226

Stand Up Bronzing Beds

The SunDash Radius 252 with a maximum 12 minute exposure and 52,200 Watt lamps is a High Performance bed for a beautiful full body tan for the busy tanners on the go and even the tallest customers can use this bed as it’s 6 1/2 ft. tall!

The Sun Capsule Cyclone revolutionized the vertical tanning market by becoming the first 9 minute tanning booth. 50/220 Watt / Cosmolux VHR/HP lamps with 5 sided tanning area. Great results in just one tan!

Mystic Tan

Three levels of colour. UV-Free Tanning.

Hand Held Air Brush Custom Colour

We also offer Hand Held Air Brush Custom Colour UV-Free Tanning by NORVELL.